seconds pendulum

seconds pendulum
секундный маятник

English-russian dictionary of physics. 2013.

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  • Seconds pendulum — A seconds pendulum is a pendulum whose period is precisely two seconds, one second for a swing forward and one second for a swing back. At standard gravity its length is 0.994 m (39.1 in). This length was determined (in toises) by Marin Mersenne… …   Wikipedia

  • seconds pendulum — noun : a pendulum requiring exactly one second for each swing in either direction or two seconds for a complete vibration and having a length between centers of suspension and oscillation of 99.353 centimeters at sea level in latitude 45 degrees… …   Useful english dictionary

  • Pendulum — This article is about pendulums. For other uses, see Pendulum (disambiguation). Simple gravity pendulum model assumes no friction or air resistance …   Wikipedia

  • Pendulum (Gladiators) — Infobox Gladiators Event Event Name = Pendulum| |thumb width = 320px c Int. Year = 1995 origin country= flag|United Kingdom Used In = flag|United Kingdom flag|Australia flag|South Africa AltName = Rat Race flag|South Africa Last Used = present… …   Wikipedia

  • Pendulum clock — A pendulum clock is a clock that uses a pendulum, a swinging weight, as its timekeeping element. From its invention in 1656 by Christiaan Huygens until the 1930s, the pendulum clock was the world s most accurate timekeeper, accounting for its… …   Wikipedia

  • Pendulum (mathematics) — The mathematics of pendulums are in general quite complicated. Simplifying assumptions can be made, which in the case of a simple pendulum allows the equations of motion to be solved analytically for small angle oscillations. Simple gravity… …   Wikipedia

  • Wilberforce pendulum — A Wilberforce pendulum, invented by British physicist Lionel Robert Wilberforce around 1896 [cite journal|last=Wilberforce|first=Lionel Robert|date=1896|title=On the vibrations of a loaded spiral spring|journal=Philos. Mag.|volume=38|pages=386… …   Wikipedia

  • Foucault pendulum — The Foucault pendulum (pronEng|fuːˈkoʊ foo KOH ), or Foucault s pendulum, named after the French physicist Léon Foucault, was conceived as an experiment to demonstrate the rotation of the Earth.The experimentThe experimental apparatus consists of …   Wikipedia

  • Torsion pendulum clock — A torsion pendulum clock, or torsion clock, is a mechanical clock which keeps time with a mechanism called a torsion pendulum. This is a weighted disk or wheel, often a decorative wheel with 3 or 4 chrome balls on ornate spokes, suspended by a… …   Wikipedia

  • Persoz pendulum — A Persoz pendulum is a device used for measuring hardness of materials. The instrument consists of a pendulum which is free to swing on two balls resting on a coated test panel. The pendulum hardness test is based on the principle that the… …   Wikipedia

  • Foucault pendulum — Physics. a pendulum that demonstrates the rotation of the earth by exhibiting an apparent change in its plane of oscillation. [1850 55; named after J.B.L. FOUCAULT] * * * Large pendulum that is free to swing in any direction. As it swings back… …   Universalium

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